"A little bit about me"

My Professional Interests

Throughout my education I have always stuck to broad design courses, because I feel that providing you learn the fundamental ideas of design you can go in to any area. To specialise whilst at college or University would have been counter-productive. I turned down a scholarship to a Graphic Design BA because of this.

Industrial Design appealed to me because of it's broad nature, but mainly the fact that it deals with the human side of design. It's far more interesting to design something when you have hundreds of considerations to make, as opposed to purely function, or just 'because it looks nice'. Plenty of things fill the shops, but very few of them are well designed.

At the moment I think the pace of technology is as negative as it is positive to design. The limitations of design are being lifted, but the race to get the 'next big thing' out is causing a rush in the design process which shows.

I think the best designs are often simple, or at least they appear so. Simple design is usually the hardest to achieve. One of my favourite designs at the moment is the Windows 8 OS. On the Lumia range of phones it looks really impressive.

My Personal Interests

Design can usually involve spending a lot of time indoors, or in front of a computer. It's hard to get away from that, so when I close my laptop lid for the day I usually like to go and do something active. Below are some of the things I enjoy when i'm not working;

  • Cooking & Nutrition
  • Eating out - Asian food is a favourite of mine
  • Vintage Cars & Motorbikes - I'd love an Alfa Romeo GT Junior
  • Riding Motorbikes - Both on road and off road
  • Gym & Weightlifting
  • 5-a-Side Football
  • Running - Only 5-10k though!
  • Motorsports - Formula 1, MotoGP, BSB, BTCC
  • Sci-Fi - Revolution, Fringe, The 4400
  • Reading - Usually crime fiction such as Stuart MacBride

I'm interested in getting a RaspberryPi and learning the Python programming language, and I'm currently learning PHP & MySQL through setting up my own Wordpress blog.

"Over the years I have learnt many programs and practices. "

3D Design

I have experience of both solid and surface modelling in Solidworks, as well as some experience with AutoCAD Alias/Inventor. I've also used SketchUp comprehensively for many different applications including construction mock ups and visualisations to aid planning permission.

Despite the designer's stigma, I try not to live in my computer, and as such I'm quite hands on. I enjoy making things and think a good model can illustrate a design far better and quicker than an image on a screen.

2D Design

Throughout college and university I have worked in 2D drafting programmes - notably AutoCAD (versions 2000-2013) and I have a good knowledge of the packages. I have also learned to draft by hand, which is a useful skill for quick illustrations.

I have extensive knowledge with AutoCAD and construction design as I have completed consultation work, with my former employer, for the refurbishment of the NIA in Birmingham, as well as multiple casinos, restaurant chains and private companies,

Print Design

Recently I have been learning InDesign and Illustrator, having previously only experience of Photoshop. I am now confident in this family of programs and I have plenty of experience in graphic and print design - which was the bulk of my college education.

Despite studying a predominently product based course at university my main interest lies within graphic design. The power of advertising media is something I find fascinating - and the difference between good and bad print is vast.

Web Design

Over the years I have designed many websites, but recently I have been updating my knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3 so as to be closer to the standards published by W3C. I am also learning JavaScript & Jquery to add dynamic content to websites.

I've always designed and coded in Notepad as I find Dreamweaver bulky and inconsistent. Right now i'm trying to improve as a 'developer' and I am keen to learn a programming language such as Python.

"I like simple, effective design."


This is my final university project - which is currently under development and will be on display at my design show in June.

I came up with the idea for the product after making loose tea and realising how much of a hassle it can be. Whilst there are fun elements, the cleaning is laborious and there are lots of tools involved. Upon researching the area I discovered that various teas require not only different brewing times, but also temperatures.

TeaPal offers the user full control over both the brewing time and the water temperature. There are no proprietary capsules or cartridges - there is simply a 'caddy' for putting your own blend in, which is easily emptied after use.

Deco Dryer

In my second year I had a project which involved deconstructing an artistic style from the past and applying in to a modern, handheld, product. I decided to look in to Art Deco as this is one of my favoured areas of design - especially the architectural examples.

The shroud around the front of the dryer was styled after the air buffering through the dryer and spilling out of the end, whilst the inlet to the rear is a cut out of the popular sunburst motif used throughout the Deco perioid.

Other design considerations included the creamy, ivory casing accented by the use of chromed metals for decoration. The chrome to mimic the Chrylser building.

Success Chair

The success chair is a second year project which focussed mainly on anthropometrics. The chair was designed as an informal seat for foyers of large businesses and complexes.

The shape of the chair is loosely based on the Kanji character for success - which seemed fitting for the business environment. To the rear of the seat a handle was placed to aid rotating the chair, or if required to hang a jacket.

The asian influence continued to the materials as bamboo, or a bamboo effect, material was selected for the construction of the carcass, as well as a bamboo fibre for the chair upholstery.

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